Saturday, May 22, 2010

Main Concept:

To demonstrate the chain reaction of energy, conversion of energy.





K.E. – G.F.

G.F. – K.E.

The ball will roll down the ramp and the speed of the ball will increase.

Showing the change of force( G.F. – K.E. ). The ball will be allowed to roll up another ramp. Showing the concept of K.E.– G.F.

Two ramps at a certain angle so the ball will be able to roll back up.


K.E. – Light

The ball will roll down the ramp and land on the light switch. The light(black light) will on and the word in invisible ink will appear (Happy Birthday Singapore)

Showing the concept of K.E. – Light

Black light

A way for the ball to land on the light switch so that the light will on and the ball will be able to go on rolling.


K.E. – K.E.

The ball will roll down the ramp and will fall into a little bucket and the bucket will go downwards pulling the flag up .The bucket will tip over and the ball will fall off onto another tube.

Singapore flag





K.E – K.E+G.F.

The ball will roll down the ramp and the ball will drop at one end of the lever and another ball will be placed at the other end of the the lever. When the ball drops the ball at the other end will fly up onto another path. The ball which was dropped will roll to the other end, waiting for another ball to come and it will get onto the other path.


A perfect angle which ball will be able to fly and land


K.E – Sound

The ball will roll down a metal ramp which is like a piano. While the ball rolls over the metal trail sound will be made. We can make many of this trail each having a different sound.

Metal pieces that the ball can roll over to make sound.


G.F. – Heat – G.F.

The ball will roll down and press on a switch, which will heat up the air below it, making the ball rise to anther point.

Switch to activate the heat

Timer to stop the heat when not in use

Heat source


??? – G.F.

The ball will roll into a tube where there will be water “geyser”, shooting the ball towards to another point.

Sensor to detect the ball and shoot out the “geyser”.

“Geyser” source



  1. How do we have the light source to switch off automatically?
  2. How do we reset the system without anyone intervening?
  3. What are creative ways to demonstrate transformation of energy ?
  4. How do we create the water geyser and after that dry the ball?
  5. How do we create the piano like metal pieces?
  6. What are the other things we can add into each segment to make interesting?
  7. Is it able to stand alone and explain itself?
  8. Is this experiment too usual?
  9. How do get a light to automatically off by itself?
  10. How much does the angle of lever (diagram 4 ) need to be and how high does the ball have to be dropped from?
  11. How high must the heat be to even allow the ball to rise up?
  12. How do we activate the heat geyser?
  13. What must the incline be for the ball to be able to roll up the ramp in diagram 1.
  14. Where do we find blacklight and where can we get the glowing ink?
  15. How do out audience actually know what are the conversions at the point of time?
  16. What must the weight of the flag be?
  17. The bucket in diagram 2 , after going down how does it go back up?
  18. How will all this ideas join together and form a large experiment to show the different concepts?
  19. Are the ideas feasible or are they tough to do?
  20. In diagram 6 , the switch will be on. So how do we get it back off after the ball gets heated up and onto another track?

    Davina,Min Suk , Rayner

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